Is Thai Medical Trustworthy? Why do so many people see a doctor in Thailand?

According to the report of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, China ’s cross-border tourism consumption far exceeds the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and other developed countries, but its inbound medical tourism scale is much smaller than that of Thailand in the Asia-Pacific region. In the global medical tourism market, China is an exporter of tourists, while Thailand is the most popular destination for medical tourism in Asia, ranking first.
Thailand is not a developed country, but it has a forward-looking vision in the healthcare industry. It started to develop medical tourism as early as 1997. Leveraging its unique medical services, health care services, and the traditional herbal medicine industry's three major advantages, it has created the "Asian Health Tourism Center", an international medical tourism brand. Its unique medical technology and reasonable price are welcomed by patients in Europe, America, the Middle East, ASEAN and Asian countries.
Thai medical tourism, what Asia ranks first?
Humanized medical tourism services
In Thailand, many hospitals provide one-stop services such as visas, travel, translation, appointments, inspections, surgery, convalescence, and travel customization. They are almost all-inclusive, and can arrange the most suitable service staff according to the patient's language, customs, religion, etc. For example, the previous exhibitor of the CMTF International Medical Tourism Exhibition, Thai Bum International Hospital, English, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa, Japanese and other language services are available on the official website. Patients can make appointments directly through the website or phone; Thai Jet Ning Hospital provides international patients with domestic pre-examinations, doctor appointments, airport transfers, room and board arrangements, full escort translations, nutrition meal supply arrangements, and later return home tracking services. Seek medical treatment. " On August 11, 2017, the Magic Thai Health and Healthcare Tourism Business Conference was held in Bangkok. The Thai government specially implemented a new medical tourism visa policy for tourists seeking medical services from China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Visa-free for up to 90 days.
Thailand has stricter requirements for medical tourism practitioners, and it deserves the reputation of "Smile Kingdom". For example, a foreign patient seeks medical treatment, and as soon as he gets off the plane, a special car will be taken to the hospital hotel lobby to accompany the patient to check in. During medical treatment, the related service staff will provide one-on-one service throughout the process to help patients register, get medicines and get reports, etc. to avoid trivial issues caused by patients who are not familiar with the medical process due to language barriers.
High-level medical technology
JCI is an affiliate of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of International Health Institutions used to certify global medical institutions. It can be said that it is the gold standard for evaluating hospital standards. There is also the mainstream use of the more advanced third-generation IVF technology in Thailand. Compared with the first and second-generation technologies used in our country, Thailand has more advantages. As of 2018, about 64 hospitals and clinics in Thailand have received JCI certification, the most among ASEAN countries. This is one of the important reasons why Thailand attracts international medical tourism tourists.
For example, Phayathai Thailand has 18 years of infertility and assisted reproductive experience in the field of artificial assisted reproduction in Lacha Hospital. The success rate is comparable to that of developed countries, up to 72%. Bangkok Hospital of Thailand passed JCI certification and was evaluated by MTQVA As one of the top ten hospitals in the world, it is the world leader in many fields such as cancer, heart, IVF, and rehabilitation.
Low medical service costs-high cost performance
"Technology in the first world, price in the third world" is another feature of Thai healthcare. In Thailand, high-level medical services are not expensive. For example, complicated coronary artery surgery costs US $ 41,000 in the United States and US $ 4,150 in Thailand, which is only one-tenth of that in the United States. The medical cost of third-generation IVF in Thailand is about 100,000 yuan, which is only developed in the United States and other countries. 1/3 or 1/4 of the country. The cost of knee replacement surgery in the United States is 34,000 US dollars, but in Thailand it costs about 17,000 US dollars; in comparison, Thai medical tourism is very cost-effective.
The mature medical tourism service system and cost-effective medical services have made Thailand's medical services globally recognized. It is ranked as the sixth best medical system in the United States by "CEOWORLD" in 2019, serving approximately 2.8 million medical tourists each year. It is Asia The most popular medical tourism destination.
Highlights of great tourist destinations

Thailand is a country with rich humanities and customs and rich tourism resources. Possessing elegant Qingman Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Erawan Shrine, Golden Mountain Temple, Throne Hall ... Posh Phi Phi Islands, Elephant Island, Gulf of Thailand, East Coast, Pattaya ... In Bangkok, Papong Night Market, Chinatown, etc., patients can also arrange wonderful play schedules in addition to treatment, relax the body and mind, and have great usefulness for the treatment of diseases.

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