The 2020 Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition opens successfully, experts gather to help the industry recover

On November 12th, the 15th CMTF Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition and International Maternal and Child Health Exhibition, and the "Belt and Road" International Medical Tourism and Health Conference co-sponsored by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and the World Medical Tourism Industry Alliance The W3 hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center came to a successful conclusion, attracting more than 200 international hospitals and medical service institutions from 15 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, allowing visitors to connect with many well-known hospitals and medical service institutions in one-stop manner; hundreds of industry think tanks and Experts gathered at the Health Conference to give advice on the future development of medical tourism from the two perspectives of academic and industry development, so as to jointly promote the industry to restart recovery and accelerate development.

Under the epidemic, the "crisis" and "opportunity" of medical tourism

In 2020, affected by the epidemic, the flow of medical tourism will show the characteristics of "outgoing transportation suspension-internal transportation increase-slow growth in outgoing transportation". According to the organizer's understanding: in the early stage of the epidemic, all regions strictly restricted entry and exit policies and cross-border passenger flow Exports have almost stagnated; in the middle of the epidemic, patients’ medical needs urgently need to be alleviated, and most of them are transferred to relevant international hospitals in China for digestion. As a result, the number of patients in relevant domestic hospitals has risen sharply; now as the epidemic eases, many low-risk areas For example, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Singapore, and Hong Kong have all heard good news about cross-border policies, and some people have gone abroad to seek medical tourism services. Although it will take time for the market to get back on track, there is already a momentum for recovery.

When it comes to the future development prospects of the medical tourism industry, Niu Song, the organizer of the CMTF, believes that “the development trend and popularity of medical tourism will not change due to the epidemic, because it is very important to promote the economic recovery of medical tourism destination countries. The country is bound to introduce more preferential policies to attract patients. In addition, the epidemic has made people pay more attention to medical health, and it is expected that people's health consumption needs will be further released in the post-epidemic era. At the same time, the epidemic will help the industry to reshuffle, and the companies that have persisted are in The probability of gaining market share in the later period is also greater, and the industry is bound to develop towards more professionalism and quality."

Internationally renowned hospitals and institutions gather, leading citizens to worry-free medical treatment

CMTF exhibited sections covering assisted reproduction, critical illness treatment, precision physical examination, stem cell therapy, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery and anti-aging, genetic testing, maternal and child health, and epidemic prevention materials.

Although international exchanges are restricted, mainstream companies in the industry are still actively participating. The event attracted nearly 200 medical service organizations and international hospitals from 15 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc., for three days The exhibition period is expected to attract more than 10,000 spectators.

At the exhibition site, a group of exhibitors through public welfare consultations, disease science knowledge lectures, technical experience, remote consultations, one-on-one consultations, etc., let ordinary visitors have a deeper understanding of the medical and health field, answer various health questions of the audience, and customize exclusive Personalized medical travel program. In addition, the exhibition has built a bridge for industry communication and provided channel audiences with more high-quality medical resources and information, which will help stimulate industry cooperation and innovative development.

Big names gather at medical tourism and health conferences to create a top industry feast

The "Belt and Road" International Medical Tourism and Health Conference will be held at the same time as the exhibition, including China Reproductive Health Industry Association, Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club, Anhui Cancer Rehabilitation Association, Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai, Argentine Republic Consulate General in Shanghai, Thailand National Tourism Representatives from the Shanghai Office of the Bureau, the Shanghai Office of the Japan National Tourism Administration, and the Lecheng International Health Industry Promotion Association witnessed the opening of the exhibition.

The conference adopts a combination of online and offline holding mode, setting up two forum areas, focusing on hot issues in the fields of reproductive health, tumor treatment, cell therapy and anti-aging, maternal and child health, and medical tourism. By inviting relevant well-known experts and industry leaders to carry out 30+ theme lectures and activities to share the most advanced medical technology and industry trends in related fields. The hot topics involved include: analysis of the prospects of medical and health tourism, new opportunities and challenges for overseas medical treatment under the epidemic, the popularization of international assisted reproductive medicine information, anti-cancer knowledge, cancer rehabilitation and treatment, stem cell research and clinical transformation, internationalization The impact of childbirth experience on women and their families.

Through the conference, the organizer hopes to promote academic exchanges in related fields and provide participants with opportunities for communication and improvement. Secondly, it can promote cooperation between the medical industry and jointly find ideas and ideas for promoting the recovery and development of medical tourism in the world. method.

 The awards ceremony and appreciation and exchange dinner were splendid

As we all know, due to the epidemic, exchanges and gatherings in the industry have been subject to many restrictions. Taking this exhibition, the organizers also held the 2020 International Medical Tourism Industry Annual Awards Ceremony and Zhenghe International Medical Tourism Exhibition Appreciation Dinner to promote industry exchanges and deepen industry cooperation and cooperation. Express the support of exhibitors and guests to the exhibition.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the dinner also held a series of lucky draws and performances, allowing the guests at the dinner to enjoy a beautiful night with a relaxed and happy mood and harvest friendship and joy.

The next CMTF will be held at Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Pavilion) on April 8-10, 2021!

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