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G-Clinic is a high-end private clinic with a full appointment system. Applying the most advanced medical equipment and excellent medical technology in Japan, focusing on cancer immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, autologous stem cell therapy and anti-aging medical institutions. The clinic is located in Ginza, Tokyo. Since its establishment in 2015, it has provided the highest quality medical services for many people who pursue health and beauty.

The key to skin's time-dermal fibroblast therapy
According to the safety assurance law such as regenerative medicine, facilities that provide regenerative medicine need to obtain the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare plan number. According to the risks provided, it is divided into the first type of regenerative medicine, the second type of regenerative medicine, and the third type of regenerative medicine. At present, G-Clinic has obtained multiple regenerative medicine licenses from medical institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

Plump, cold-aged skin and long-term maintenance of youth are what every woman dreams of. And as we age, various skin problems also follow. Skin regenerative medicine-"dermal fibroblast therapy", by cultivating one's own dermal fibroblasts and transplanting them to areas where aging problems occur, thereby activating skin cells, giving the skin new life, and rejuvenating the skin. It is safe and has no side effects, and the effect is longer. This therapy is also known as the only "regenerative medicine" in the world.

Immune cell therapy & ultra-early cancer screening

Cancer has always been one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. At the moment when many people learn that they have cancer, it seems that the whole world collapses, feeling that the cure rate is very low and the treatment process is painful, so many patients choose to give up treatment.

With the rapid development of medical technology, we also went from being ignorant of it to the later treatments such as surgical resection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and targeted drugs. However, because cancer cells are diseases caused by cell mutation in the body, not the invasion of external pathogens, in the process of treatment, cancer cells cannot be cleared, metastasis and recurrence are everywhere. In addition, the previous various treatments were unable to accurately target the enemy. In the process of killing cancer cells, the drugs were also destroying the patient's immune system. Therefore, they often killed the enemy and injured 800.

Immune cell therapy uses the natural NK immune cells in the patient's own body to accurately and effectively attack cancer cells and identify normal cells to avoid accidental injury, enhance lymphocyte killing activity and attack cancer cells. It is an alternative therapy in addition to the three so-called cancer treatment methods (surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy). NK cells are activated, proliferated through activation, and then injected into the patient's body multiple times to restore the body's original natural immunity. It is precisely because it does not damage other normal cells in the body no matter what kind of cancer cells it attacks, it is not only effective, its relative safety and low side effects, but also makes humans have a new weapon against cancer cells.

Restart the body's immune system and effectively prevent CTC from detecting the risk of cancer in the body at an early stage. CTC test can know whether there are ultra-fine cancer cells in the body that are not detected by other tests (CT, MRI, PET). The clinical significance is very high, and it can be combined with immune cell therapy to effectively prevent or cure cancer.

Stem cell culture supernatant

A new type of anti-aging and regeneration therapy. Use a special serum-free culture medium to extract the high-purity cultured stem cell supernatant after stem cell culture. During the culture process, the stem cells will release a wealth of growth factors that stimulate the activity of human cells and affect muscles, bones, internal organs, and nerves. , Skin, hair and other body tissues have the effect of promoting cell regeneration and improving cell activity.

Because it is a solution that helps cells grow vigorously, the supernatant of stem cell culture has its "universality" in use. Good performance in dealing with a variety of problems.

In the case of medical institution treatment, it can also be used for periodontal tissue regeneration, skin trauma, myocardial infarction, rheumatoid arthritis, acute liver insufficiency, hair regeneration, inflammatory bowel disease, osteopenia, Alz Hymer's disease, beauty, anti-aging and other diseases.

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