Under the epidemic, can I still go to Japan for medical treatment?

Recently, due to the epidemic, we have received many consultations from patients about whether we can go to Japan for medical treatment smoothly. To this end, we will sort out the visa processing and related matters for going to Japan to help you out.

1. Can I go to Japan for medical treatment during the epidemic?
The answer is yes.

During the epidemic, medical visas for patients and accompanying persons are within the normal scope of acceptance; in addition, many Japanese authoritative hospitals also accept Chinese patients normally.

2. What is a medical residence visa?
Medical residence visa refers to a visa issued to foreign patients and their companions who visit Japan for the purpose of receiving medical treatment in Japan.

During the special period of the epidemic, in addition to the routine information, the application for a medical visa also needs to provide supporting information for treatment in Japan at this stage. It can also be called a special medical visa.

3. What materials are required for visa application?
The patient needs to prepare the following information:

1. Passport
2. Visa application
3. Photos
4. Scheduled certificates issued by medical institutions, etc. and personal guarantee issued by personal guarantee institutions
5. Documents proving certain financial ability (bank balance certificate, etc.) (Note: The submitted materials will be different according to the nationality of foreign patients, etc.). For specific materials to be submitted, please contact the embassy or consulate in your area of residence Inquire)
6. Copy of household registration book
7. Temporary Residence Permit (only for applications whose household registration does not belong to the local jurisdiction)
8. Certificate of Eligibility of Residence (In case of hospitalization and treatment, it is necessary to stay for more than 90 days)
9. "Treatment Schedule" (when visiting Japan due to multiple treatments)

Among them, the identity guarantee is provided by the Shengnuo family, and the appointment certificates such as the consultation are assisted by a Japanese hospital that Shengnuo cooperates with (many cooperative hospitals normally accept Chinese patients).
According to the regulations of the relevant government agencies in Japan, in order to apply for a medical visa, you must have a certificate of appointment issued by a medical institution and a certificate of identity issued by a body guarantee agency. The identity guarantee can only be issued by a company with Japan’s international medical identity guarantee qualification.
Shengnuo, a Japanese medical company, has obtained this qualification a few years ago (refer to the figure below for the relevant detailed page on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan), so it can issue relevant information for patients.

4. Japanese medical visa application process:

01. Prepare patient information
A visa consultant from Shengnuo guides patients to prepare personal information;
02. Prepare proof materials
Shengnuo, a Japanese medical company, issued a certificate of identity and other relevant certification materials for the patient;
03. Submit visa application
All the above information is ready and submit the visa application. During the epidemic, the embassy's review time is slightly longer than usual, and the processing time will vary from place to place.
04 sign out

5. Current Japan Entry Policy:

01Before entering Japan
Patients and accompanying persons need to undergo a nucleic acid test for the new coronavirus within 72 hours before leaving for Japan, and obtain a test certificate with a negative test result in the prescribed format.

02After entering Japan

(1) It is required to fill in a questionnaire, measure body temperature, and confirm whether there are symptoms at the airport quarantine station.

(2) A special car from Shengnuo will pick up the client to the apartment and start the 14-day quarantine (in a cooperative hospital of Shengnuo, some can be isolated directly in the hospital, and the treatment will not be affected during the quarantine). During the quarantine period, a Japanese staff member of Shengnuo provided agency procurement services to avoid the risk of infection.

(3) After the apartment quarantine, Shengnuo’s family car took the customer to the hospital for PCR testing, confirmed that there was no problem, and started normal treatment.

6. Current flight information to Japan:
Currently, flights from major cities in China to Japan are displayed normally. The following is some flight information:
01. Beijing-Tokyo

Eastern Airlines FM9106
China Southern Airlines CZ6108
02. Shanghai-Tokyo (direct flight)

Eastern Airlines MU523
China Southern Airlines CZ6508
Spring Airlines 9C6217
03. Guangzhou-Tokyo

China Southern Airlines CZ6302
Juneyao Airlines HO1288

In addition, flights departing from China and South Korea to Japan will be restricted to only land at Tokyo Narita Airport and Osaka Kansai International Airport.

Special Note:

During the epidemic, the visa application process and information are slightly different from the previous ones. To ensure the pass rate of visa applications, please consult the customer service of Shengnuo in advance.

Note: The above information is from Shengnuo, a CMTF exhibitor, for reference and intrusion.

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