Restarting medical tourism, CMTF medical tourism exhibition helps the industry to accelerate development

In recent years, medical tourism that combines medical care and tourism has emerged. Domestic Chinese medicine health care, vaccinations in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia test tube and health care tourism, Japanese medical trips, Korean medical aesthetics, anti-aging in Germany and Switzerland, the United States Test tube and intensive care...Each region has a different medical tourism label, and cross-border medical treatment has gradually become a medical choice for many people.

A few days ago, the Shanghai Health Commission released 10 international medical tourism pilot institutions and 10 seed cultivation medical institutions. For the follow-up development of medical tourism in Shanghai, some experts believe that we should continue to absorb international experience and learn from the development model of countries with developed industries. Work together with the industry to push Shanghai to the heights of the Asian medical center city with the help of medical tourism.

"Governments such as Thailand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. have fully tapped their own advantages as medical tourism destinations in the entire international trade market, advertised in overseas newspapers, and given official support in terms of policy and economy. Thanks to this common Efforts, the first wave of the Asian medical tourism market started from them, and after 2008, Japan and South Korea set off the second wave of the market. In recent years, China has proposed a strategic policy for the development of medical tourism in some cities, according to market development trends. , Is expected to join the third wave of medical tourism. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese medicine has shown its unique effectiveness. It is known to more people. Medical tourism represented by Chinese medicine may be used to set sail, but now Domestic development strategies are in line with international standards, and there is little practical experience." Some experts analyzed.

From November 10-12, 2020, the 15th Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition hosted by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and World Medical Tourism Industry Alliance will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, and CMTF Medical Tourism Exhibition will be held in Shanghai , To build a resource-rich communication and trade platform for the industry. The exhibition gathered high-quality medical resources from more than 20 countries and regions, including more than 200 international hospitals and medical service institutions. It is conducive to Shanghai's international benchmarking, absorbing development experience, connecting strategic resources, and opening up more cooperation channels , Paving the way for Shanghai's medical tourism to go to the world, and at the same time use it to promote the sharing, cooperation and development of global quality medical care.

It will include famous international hospitals and medical service institutions such as Tokyo University Hospital, Bangkok Central Hospital, German Fresh Cell Clinic, Ukrainian Embryonic Stem Cell, United Family Healthcare, Shanghai Shengnuo Family, Beijing Evergreen, Grabble Medical Will attend and participate in the exhibition involving critical illness treatment, assisted reproduction, precision physical examination, stem cell therapy and anti-aging, maternal and child health, etc. The intersection of multi-national characteristic medical treatments is conducive to the collision of new sparks in global medical tourism and the realization of cooperation and cooperation in the industry. Innovation and development.

It is reported that the original intention of holding the exhibition is to introduce high-quality medical resources into China, while exporting domestic good medical resources and services to help lead the development of the industry, so that visitors can learn about the unique medical care of many countries without going abroad. The organizer said, “Many people think that cross-border medical care or high-end medical care is very far away. In fact, it is not. In this Shanghai exhibition, we organized in-depth cooperation with organizations such as the Cancer Rehabilitation Club, Dance with Cancer, Kangai Commune, Family and Friends Association, etc. The presence of patients and demanders at the meeting allowed them to have a deeper understanding of high-quality medical care and solve their current health concerns."

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