CMTF, the annual event for the cross-border medical industry, will open in November!

Going to Hong Kong, China for vaccinations, going to Japan and South Korea for plastic surgery, flying to developed countries in Europe and the United States for severe treatment or going abroad to have children... Now going abroad to seek better medical services has become a new trend of health consumption. On a global scale, countries have developed differentiated developments based on their geographic location, tourism resources, and medical advantages, forming special groups such as critical illness treatment, assisted reproduction, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, anti-aging, and health management. Due to the current situation of high domestic demand and weak supply, China has become a major demand country for high-quality medical care, and the number of people going abroad for medical tourism is increasing year by year.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, cross-border medical care in the first half of 2020 has been greatly impacted. Now as the epidemic is controllable and the international environment becomes clearer, overseas medical care is gradually warming up. It is hosted by Guangzhou Zhenghe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and the World Medical Tourism Industry Alliance The fifteenth Shanghai International Medical Tourism Exhibition (CMTF) in 2020 is regarded as the first grand event of the medical tourism industry this year, which has attracted wide attention from the industry. The exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 10-12. It will focus on assisted reproduction, critical illness treatment, precision physical examination, medical cosmetic surgery, stem cell therapy, anti-aging, genetic testing, and maternal and child health. More than 200 international hospitals and medical service institutions attended the event, and it is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors.

During the exhibition, special medical services from various countries will gather here, and famous doctors from all over the world will be present to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for various health needs: including the University of Tokyo Hospital in Japan, Pyoshima Surgery Hospital in Japan, Medical Excellence JAPAN, Thailand Millennium Medical Center, Phayathai, Thailand is Racha Hospital, Jetnin Hospital in Thailand, Beijing Shenyuan Evergreen Health Management Co., Ltd., Jilin Province Shangtai Kangmin Health Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shengnuo Medical Health Management Co., Ltd., Ukrainian Embryonic Stem Cell, Cambodia Royal Reproductive and Genetic Hospital (RFG), Hong Kong Genetic Testing Center, Grabble Mesquity (GFG·USA), Medisex Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Russian Ministry of Health Kulakov National Obstetrics and Perinatal More than 200 high-quality medical tourism organizations at home and abroad, such as the Medical Research Center, German Fresh Cell Clinic, and Singapore Jiaxin Medical Group, will attend the exhibition.

This CMTF Shanghai exhibition brings together high-quality medical resources at home and abroad, so that visitors can connect with famous hospitals around the world without going abroad, and compare and select on the spot, which will help them select reliable and cost-effective overseas medical services mechanism. For industry insiders, this industry event is the best testimony of the cross-border medical recovery. It can help exhibitors quickly understand the latest industry trends at home and abroad, expand more cooperation channels in the health industry, and seek new opportunities for health sharing. Win, get out of the predicament with colleagues in the industry, and contribute to the recovery of cross-border medical care!

The "Belt and Road" International Medical Tourism and Health Conference will be held at the same time as the exhibition. The conference is divided into two thematic forums of 2020 World Reproductive Medicine (Shanghai) Forum, 2020 World Oncology Symposium and Cell Therapy and Anti-aging Medicine Conference. The world’s top medical experts, Experts from industry scholars are waiting to attend and hold dozens of professional lectures to explain multi-national characteristic medical treatment, international leading medical technology and medical services to the audience. The topics of the conference involved intensive treatment (cancer treatment), precise physical examination (early cancer screening), test tube baby, infertility treatment, anti-aging technology, etc. Through this conference, the organizers hope to promote the exchange and development of medical technology between my country and the world, and at the same time promote the win-win cooperation of the health industry, and find new opportunities for the development of the cross-border medical industry in the post-epidemic era.

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